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30 Content Ideas To Inspire Your Posts

Are you constantly spending time trying to think of what to post on your Social Media profiles? Simplify the process by creating a Content Go-To List that you print out and keep readily available (hang it on the wall, keep it by your computer, etc.).

Your Content Go-To list should be comprised of ideas that will inspire you and engage your audience (which is a HUGE motivator for you to continue investing your time in Social Media)!

I recommend that you read through this list and either print it out or select the content types that you would like to incorporate into your posting plan.


Try one or a combination of these and see what receives the most engagement:

  • Monday: Motivation Monday, Music Monday
  • Tuesday: Tuesday Tip, Trivia Tuesday, Tuesday Treat
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday, Wednesday Wisdom
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday, Thursday Thoughts, Thankful Thursday
  • Friday: Follow Friday, TGIF, Friday Fun
  • Saturday: Selfie Saturday, Saturday Swag, Social Saturday
  • Sunday: Sunday Funday, Sunday Selfie

These are all popular hashtags, so make sure you use the hashtag when posting on Twitter and Instagram.


Did you know that April 9th is Name Yourself Day or that October 8th is Octopus Day? Every day of the year boasts at least one holiday that your audience has never heard of. Have fun posting about these holidays on your Social Media profiles and be sure to use the hashtags for each holiday. Much to your surprise, someone else will be using #OctopusDay on October 8th.

The site National Day Calendar is an easy to navigate site listing all of the holidays you’ve likely never heard of. Select what holidays you want to use for your posts and use Word Swag to create your images.

People love hearing fun facts and trivia. Never-before-heard-of-holidays fall within this category. Get creative and your audience is sure to respond with by commenting, liking and sharing your post.


  • Question: Post a question that will generate some great responses.
  • Fill-in-the-Blank: Post a prompt and have your audience supply a word or phrase to complete it.
  • Prediction: Get your audience talking by asking them to predict something.
  • Advice: People love giving their opinions and experiences on Social Media.
  • This or That?: Give your audience two options and ask what their preference is and why.
  • Caption This: Post a photo and ask your audience to provide a caption. You may want to consider giving a prize to the person with the best caption.


  • Don’t Do This Post: Post humorous photos of things people should avoid doing.
  • Meme: Find a relevant or funny meme or create your own!
  • Photo Contest: Invite your audience to post a photo about a topic of your choosing.
  • Poll: Ask your audience to vote and comment why they chose that answer.
  • Emoji: Post a question and ask your audience to answer it using only emojis.
  • GIF: Post a question and ask your audience to answer using a GIF.


  • Behind the Scenes: Post a photo at the office or a company event. It’s a great way for your audience to connect with you and let your company personality shine!
  • Client Testimonial: Post a client testimonial (with their permission) along with their photo or perhaps a link to their website or Social Media page (if you are B2B).
  • FAQ: Post a frequently asked question that you hear often in your business along with your answer. (Bonus points if you do this as a Facebook Live video.)
  • Promote a Product or Service: Do you have a popular product or service (or something you are trying to push)? Post information about it so your audience can find out more. Link the post to a coupon, discount or the product/service page of your website.
  • Employee Profile: Post a photo of an employee along with a fun Q&A so your audience can get to know him or her.
  • Celebrate Anniversaries: Congratulate your employees when they celebrate a work anniversary and by posting a photo and offering a few nice words.


  • Share a Post: Have you come across something that your audience would find interesting, entertaining or useful during your Social Media travels? Sharing is caring! 😉
  • Recommend a Tool: Do you go-to app or website that you use on a daily basis? Share it with your audience!
  • Community Event: Plug an event happening within your community. It could be a fundraiser a local nonprofit is hosting or a big local football game. This is a great way to show goodwill and that you are a business in-vested in your community.
  • Resource Sharing: Share a great article or resource that will help your target audience. Your audience will love that you are bringing great content to them (it’s so much easier than searching for it themselves).
  • Plug a Product You Love: This is a lot of fun because you can post a business product OR a useful personal product.

I hope some of these ideas resonate with you! Remember, consistency is key, so create a go-to list and schedule your posts in advance if you tend to get side-tracked throughout the week. Happy Posting!


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