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Facebook Group Rules: Marketing Think Tank

My FREE Facebook community is a place for nonprofits to gather to ask advice, share resources, give tips, provide inspiration and most importantly support for one another.

If you founded, work for or run a nonprofit, you are automatically amazing in my eyes, so my goal is to ensure that this community is a place for you to learn, grow and inspire. This is why I have created and enforce these rules.

Please read them carefully, because if you break any of them, you will be removed and banned.

  1. No Self-Promotion: Do no post any type of self-promotion unless it’s a comment in the daily dish (Wednesday Win, Self Promo Sunday, etc.).

What’s considered self-promotion?

  • Selling anything
  • Promoting an event, seminar, survey, etc.
  • Posting links to your website or social media pages
  • Sharing affiliate links
  • Posting your own content in the group, if it’s not a part of the daily dish
  • Posting free content or offers
  • Creating extremely long posts that require community members to scroll and scroll (and scroll)

Please note that I may break this rule and promote something that I feel will benefit community members. I reserve this right because i created and manage this community.

2. #Ask #Give #Praise: The only way to post inside this group is to keep your posts within the following categories: Ask, Give, Praise.

  • #Ask: Ask any questions that you have about marketing, public relations, etc.
  • #Give: Share any tips, resources, and sources of inspiration that have helped you along the way. (This does not include links to your free offers.)
  • #Praise: Anything you are celebrating, or a fellow member you want the community to give a virtual high five to.

If you do not use #Ask #Give or #Praise in your post, it will be deleted without warning.

3. No Solicitation or Request to PM You: Don’t ask group members to PM you to find out more about ANYTHING. You will be removed from the group immediately.

4. Follow the Golden Rule: This community will flourish if everyone is kind, helpful and has fun! (Okay, I slightly adapted the Golden Rule)

Now that you’ve read the rules, I hope you’re excited to join the Think Tank!

I’m excited to get to know you and look forward to connecting!