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How a Tiffany’s Necklace Made Me a Raving Pretzel Fan

I’m going to start this story by saying that I fully understand the irony of sending a preschooler to school with expensive jewelry. Rather than bore you with the details, this tweet explains my lapse of judgement in 234 characters and why Super Pretzel has a fan for life.

After posting this on Twitter and Instagram, I had a few laughs with friends (and several text messages asking me what the heck I was thinking) followed by more laughs when I dropped my daughter off at school the next morning.

I checked my phone and someone responded to my tweet. To my surprise, it wasn’t another mother and even anyone I know. Instead it was a brand. A pretzel band, nonetheless.

Surprised, I laughed out loud and sent Super Pretzel my address. A few days later my husband text me a picture of a HUGE box dressed nicely with the Super Pretzel logo and the catchy hashtag #snacktivate.

I’ve always liked Super Pretzel and eaten them throughout the years. They remind me of my childhood and now that I’m a mother with three young kids, I consider their pretzels to be a great alternative to so many of the unhealthy snacks that children crave. In addition, my daughter has a nut allergy, and they are on our safe foods list. (Truly a golden list if you have a child with food allergies.)

When I opened the box, it was filled with pretzel swag that I never knew I needed, but was excited to have. I immediately put on the socks (my kids loved the smiley faces sprinkled all over them) and cracked open a seltzer to pour into the mug (I’m usually a drink out of the can girl, but this felt like an occasion).

The handwritten note looked like it was written by one of my friends, so naturally I was excited to read what it had to say.

In a word of Social Media and everything digital, there’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten note in the mail. Add a box with goodies and coupons in it and you have yourself a super fan! (When I’m at the grocery store moving forward buying a box of Super Pretzels WILL be on my list!)

So what can we all learn from Super Pretzel:

  • They created a plan to target a specific demographic based on a hashtag (#MomFail) and brilliantly formed a relationship with me by first replying to my tweet (which alone would have elevated their brand in my eyes) and then went a step further by mailing me something.
  • The package they sent was full of personal touches including a handwritten note and coupons that I could share with my fans.
  • Their packaging and message encouraged me to use the hashtag #snacktivate to further push out their brand to the Social Media masses.

Which leads me to say. My pretzels are cooler than your pretzels!

(And… I ended up getting the necklace back.)

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